China Jushi E9 ultra-high modulus fiberglass released! Modulus exceeds 100GPa

2020-08-06 16:04:38 China Jushi Co., Ltd.

On August 6, the 6th China International Wind Power Composite Materials Summit Forum was grandly opened in Zhenshi Hotel. More than 500 people from industry associations, wind power owners, complete machines, blades, composite materials and other enterprises in the entire industry chain attended the summit. With the theme of “Improving Quality and Efficiency, Simultaneous Development of Land and Sea, and Facing Parity”, this summit forum will discuss the future development direction of wind power.

In his speech, he said that as leading companies at the forefront of the wind power industry chain, China Jushi and China Hengshi should assume greater responsibilities, meet more demands, and pursue higher goals. China Jushi's glass fiber production capacity has exceeded 2 million tons, of which about 25% are used in the wind power market, which alsoshows that it is confident in the prospects of the wind power market. Jushi has developed E9 ultra-high modulus glass fiber to fully support the development of large-scale and lightweight wind turbine blades. At the same time, Jushi's glass fiber intelligent manufacturing has been continuously promoted in the three major east, middle and west bases, and the production efficiency has been greatly improved, and the product quality and product performance have been significantly improved, leading to the improvement of the competitiveness of the main material of wind turbine blades.

While fully supporting the development of China's wind power industry, Jushi is also committed to serving global wind power customers and actively and steadily promoting the process of internationalization. From Egypt to the United States, from Turkey to India, glass fiber and its fabrics have formed a global production layout, providing sufficient raw material supply and safe supply guarantee for wind power customers at home and abroad, continuously tapping and consolidating their own competitiveness, and effectively reducing customer supply Chain risk.

At the conference, Zhang Lin, deputy director of China Jushi Glass Research Center, and Xu Shengjie, director of the Second Department of Product R&D Center, gave a wonderful report entitled "E9 Ultra-high Modulus Glass Fiber and Yarn Solutions for Ultra-large Wind Blades". The lecture hall was full of seats, and industry experts, customers, and media gathered to witness the release of E9 ultra-high modulus glass fiber. The E9 glass fiber modulus exceeds 100GPa, bringing a new high level of modulus to the glass fiber field, which is a milestone for the glass fiber industry.

Jushi has realized the mass production of E9 glass fiber by using advanced production technology independently developed, which has significantly improved the cost performance and product competitiveness of ultra-high modulus glass fiber. E9 glass fiber provides a new and higher performance technology platform, can provide customers with new solutions with unique value, and provides greater possibilities for the expansion of high-end applications of glass fiber composites. E9 glass fiber has broad application prospects in wind power, infrastructure, transportation, aviation, aerospace and other fields, such as large wind blades, fiber optic cable reinforcement, aircraft parts, automobile manufacturing, temperature resistant materials, sports equipment, etc.

With the mission of "innovation to lead intelligent manufacturing and contribute to the development of composite materials", Jushi launched a new generation of E9 glass fiber only four years after launching E8 products in 2016. Every glass fiber revolution of China Jushi leads the development of the industry.