Jushi Egypt Starts Up the Second 80,000 Ton Fiberglass Furnace

2013-11-07 17:00:03 China Jushi Co., Ltd.
SUEZ, Egypt, June 18, 2016 - Jushi Egypt successfully started up the second 80,000 ton fiberglass production line at 03:18 p.m. (local time) today in Suez, Egypt. The start-up ceremony was held in the second phase furnace control room of Jushi Egypt plant. The attendees of the ceremony include China Jushi Vice President and Jushi Egypt Chairman Cao Guorong, all the mid-level managers of Jushi Egypt and constructors of the second phase project.
Before the ceremony, all the attendees watched a theme video highlighting the construction process of Jushi Egypt project since the establishment of the company.
The ceremony started at 03:00 p.m., and was presided over by Jushi Egypt Deputy General Manager Yang Jixiang. The company General Manager Zhang Wenchao delivered an opening speech, expressing the appreciation to all the constructors of the project and the staff of the company, before reviewing the construction process in the past nearly one year.
Then China Jushi Vice President Cao Guorong commented in his speech: “As a paradigm for the economic and trade cooperation between China and Egypt, Jushi Egypt project is a landmark that represents a breakthrough success in Jushi’s globalization, strengthens our confidence to start the construction of the third phase project and also offers us a rich experience for the upcoming US project. The start-up of the second furnace foresees an early completion of Jush Egypt project as a whole for a 200,000 ton fiberglass production base, and therefore is a milestone in the history of Jushi Egypt.”
At the 50th second of 03:17 p.m., Vice President Cao Guorong and General Manager Zhang Wenchao mounted the firing-up platform with all the attendees counting down for the big moment. When it exactly came to 03:18 p.m., Mr. Cao and Mr. Zhang jointly pressed the firing-up button and Jushi Egypt second phase 80,000 ton fiberglass production line was successfully started up. All the attendees posed for a group photo after the ceremony.
Jushi Egypt second phase project integrates the state-of-art technologies of the company, which will significantly improve the production efficiency and capacity of Jushi Egypt plant after completion of the project. By then, and with the full operation of the second phase project, the Jushi Egypt project will have a total investment of 520 million dollars and an annual capacity of 160 thousand tons fiberglass, and create up to 1,500 jobs, which will help satisfy more extensive demands of customers and make Egypt at the forefront of fiberglass manufacturing countries in the world.